Happiness takes no account of time.

       I have come back to school for several days & always be fine day for young duck.  Look at the raindrop through windows, feel I’m like not in Beijing, but replaced by my home’s rainy season. Our practices in is too short, even though we have no any vital works in the TV station & we only contrived a project blue print to build a topic website for the 6th Asian Winter Games in the last three days, but that was a bright spot in an otherwise dull day. So I had a jolly time with myclassmate. 

       Summer vacation will still continue one month, may be I should make a plan, but any plan have not any effect on me & this have been determined while I was born. Daddy hope me back home, and mamma hope me get to her, but parents, please excuse me for not being back home, because I have reasons for staying out, study and work are more important. The day before yesterday, I went for a stroll with Xi, he mightily asked me to go to a course of politics with him next month, I can’t refused & I really admire his energy of study.

       It was very cool these days in Beijing, in addition, there was a lasted high temperature weather in SiChuan few days ago, but now, also rain heavily there.I don’t know the rain of my hometown whether can take some cool feeling to my father who toil and moil. I hope so !

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  1. 精灵古怪。好可爱的双子人。和和。 i am at home.shanghai very hot currently.
  2. Come on! U r not the only one who is fighting! U r not the only one!
    P.S. Ur English is much better than before. : D

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