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癸亥正   22:22

       When I was a little boy, Mama used to say that I must be a guy who have a sense of responsibility, and be useful to society. My mother is not a literate person, but she is so industrious and has a kind heart. Look back at the past years, her simple values had an big influence on my growth. As we mature, many impetuous young people mellow into a more tolerant attitude towards life and feeling. Maybe this is a integrant experience to everyone, but in this crucial, golden, and passionate age, I realized that two things are the most pivotal factors, will have a tremendous hold over your future. Even if you don’t agree with me, you mustn’t neglect it at this critical stage. One is found your undertaking, especially one of some scope, profession, and significance. This career should make you take all your time and all your energy to do it. The other one is meet your love of your life. You should care about him or her everyday. As Garfield said in the movie: "love me, feed me, never leave me…" haha.! I was still not a figure in this big period, and I still did not found the important stuff I said. Maybe my mother won’t care about wether I can be someone, but I am wishing a great journey, not stand on the top of world but the roof of the stage all my life! Power and courage were I needed, it was not only dream but more of my duty, maybe I’ll get so much difficult and frustration on the road, but please, trust me and stand by me !



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