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Year of the Ox

8th November

22:11 little grief

      I’m not telling a story, just a motion of my heart. Once a girl changed the world, at least in some place. She is the one, that the most important person in my mind of past two years usually. I didn’t remember how many times I want to tell you that I like you so much, even imaged many impulsive actions such as pull your arm and hold you. I won’t let you know something. Now, I’m in south and you north. You live alone and bear so much pains, look these, I can’t stand. I hope you live happily and easily and look forward to see your various dreams come to true. Maybe several month later I will forget this and consider these as normal, maybe time will clear up all the things, but you know, if you call me anytime anywhere and anyhow, I’ll appear in front of you. I’m a playing boy, and like to travel east and west, but it’s not necessary because of your existence, and I understand, I just need a corner of this big wide world and walk about with you whether in Beijing or Africa.

      I’ll see you someday, at that time we’ll talk about our life face to face. You still be you, smile still be smile, Maybe we have met someone or lead a new life, but we’ll never change and I still care you, do we? Even if you needn’t me or a boy like me, but I still really miss you on the train far away. 《Oh girl》, I wish call you this, a name of one rap song. I have many words like lyrics and wanna said to you, but I can’t speak plain any word when I faced you every time. Now, these are not important, I just wish you will be good in a short time, and I willing to help you. I don’t know how long must you wait for those life you want, maybe at another day in future,we’ll understand our feeling today.

      Good luck,you!


– listenning:《Country Comforts》─rod stewart –

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