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Year of the Ox

8th November

22:11 little grief


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I need some sleep

     Once more a new term is coming,I know something will turn out good or bad and can’t be dominated,but i won’t recant anything, no another song can depict much to the point of my body condition rencently,i don’t really want to sit up late,just listen to it. Hurry up, L.C 


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Happiness takes no account of time.

       I have come back to school for several days & always be fine day for young duck.  Look at the raindrop through windows, feel I’m like not in Beijing, but replaced by my home’s rainy season. Our practices in is too short, even though we have no any vital works in the TV station & we only contrived a project blue print to build a topic website for the 6th Asian Winter Games in the last three days, but that was a bright spot in an otherwise dull day. So I had a jolly time with myclassmate. 



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